Diana, 27 from GA, USA

"People think that chatrooms are just full of kids, but on this site it's so not the case - I can have a decent conversation because everyone that uses the site is an adult... makes a change from sites I used to use. And finally I can meet REAL men!"
Alex, John & Steph from the UK

"After a night out to the pub, we jump on the site and act crazy with our friends on there. Sometimes we use the site to talk to family members as we're at university at the moment. The best thing about it is how easy it is to use and meet new people, and for free too."
Anna, 18 from Russia

"After my parents moved back here from the states, I've been using the site a lot to talk to my friends back there. Oh, and plus the fact guys give you loads of attention... LOL - sorry, but it's true. I love it."
Ben, 24, from CA, USA

"When the mood takes me, no matter what time in the morning (I tend to go on at 3am!), there's always 100s of people to chat to. I sometimes have problems keeping up!"
Christine, 23 from Florida, USA

"I still can't believe how many nice people there are on the site day after day. You meet regulars all the time, as well as new people dropping in. It's such a trip sitting there knowing people are watching, I didn't know the computer could actually be fun!"

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